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EAL Listening Links


Listen to English
British site with weekly mp3 podcasts, many linked to grammar and vocabulary notes, or to exercises or quizzes. Downloadable podcasts with full text provided. Click on a highlighted words to get definitions.


ESL Listening Lab
The lab is mainly designed for self-directed study, that is, you choose what topic and level you want to study and then begin. Teachers can also use it as part of their classes. You don't have to log-in, and you don't need to subscribe to use the listening lab. The listening lab is free to use online.


"English Through Stories" 
Ongoing story for advanced English learners in 12 parts.  These scripts may be copied for teachers for classroom use. Suitable for Benchmark 7 and 8.


English as a Second Language podcasts 
This is a good site, however there is a cost to use it. Listening to podcasts and access to scripts are free; lesson plans are not. Podcasts are divided into subjects such as Daily Life, Relationships, Shopping and Health/Medicine.


Adult learning Activities – California Distance Learning Project
Higher level everyday topics with sound and script included.


Sounds of English
Demonstration of English sounds.


Breaking News English (British accent) 
Free lessons added weekly at two different levels, based on stories currently in the news - as the world's news breaks, teach it.  All lessons are also downloadable in Word.doc and PDF formats with listening files are downloaded in mp3 format.


Learning English with CBC Manitoba
Weekly lessons with Manitoba content based stories. Printable teacher plans and self-study student plans with sound. Available at the library in kits grouped in three lessons. 


CTV News 
Click on the video link to use video podcasts in your classroom involving Canadian news stories. Print out news stories for reading assignments.


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